Rayne Herzog and RaceVermont.com help local Triathletes

Rayne Herzog hates to sit still. Early on Saturday morning, July 25, at the Shelburne Fieldhouse, as the brilliant day was still rising above the water, Herzog was bouncing around from one task to the next, preparing for the Jaxson’s Dog Days of Summer 5K/10K. It turned out to be a perfect day with a large crowd, and thanks to all the work from Herzog and his colleagues at www.racevermont.com, the race went off without a hitch.

“This is a great crowd and I am really excited about the race,” said Herzog before he left on his bike to direct traffic for the race.

The first finishers in the 5K began returning to the finish around the 18 minute mark and the others began filling in around the 22 minute mark. Joe Ainsworth from Burlington blew away the field with a time of 18:10 in the 5K, while 13-year-old Julia Moceri came all the way from Rockport, MA to finish third in the 5K with a time of 22:23. She was also the fastest women to finish the 5K.

As for the 10K portion, Ethan Rouen from New York, NY won with a blistering pace of 39:35, but Amy Hopkins from Shelburne finished second in the women’s category with a time of 45:20.

Herzog has been training triathletes for eight years and competed in them for many years before that. He is also the GM of Shelburne Health and Fitness, a certified personal trainer, and a certified RRCA running coach. 13 times per year, Herzog and his Race Vermont staff will put on a race in the area, starting in April and ending in November. The races range from a simple 5K to a full Olympic triathlon course.

Herzog spends most of his time at Shelburne Health and Fitness, but perhaps his greatest thrill is training people for triathlons, specifically newcomers. Herzog says that he enjoys the process of helping experienced triathlon competitors improve their times, but that it is the beginners who make him the most excited. “The people are the best part. I am very fortunate to work with good people in all aspects that get a lot out of it. To have someone who didn’t think they could do it come up to you at the end of a race and shake your hand, for them to really meet their goals, is all worth it.”

Herzog also said that he recently had the mother of a teenager he has trained in the past call to let him know how much her son had benefited from the training. “It is an amazing feeling to have people who are paying good money also go out of their way to thank you.” He also added that the benefits of training for and completing a triathlon aren’t only physical. “I have seen people have huge lifestyle and character changes during this process. They find something out about themselves that they didn’t know. The process can produce deep inner growth and even enlightenment. But mostly, it shows them they can go beyond their limitations, which is applicable in all aspects of life.”

It is for this reason that Herzog thinks training for a triathlon would be helpful for almost anyone, no matter their experience level. “I would recommend to get started that they give me a call and we can go from there. I can design an appropriate training regimen for anyone who is interested in trying.”

Anyone interested in triathlon training, running training, or corporate fitness events can call Rayne at 802-985-4410 or email him at rayne@racevermont.com.

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